Couples Truth Or Dare Questions

Fun Truth Or Dare Questions For Couples

Happy couples get involved in activities that build their intimacy. While there are many activities a couple can engage in, truth or dare games can easily stimulate affection. The game is often exciting, and whether you play it in the day-time or at night, it has a way to intensify your emotional, physical, and mental intimacy.

This is why out truth or dare generator includes a couple’s category that is solely for couples. We added that section because we believe couples truth or dare should include special questions and challenges just for people in relationships.  

Truth Or Dare And Your Relationship

    Building a consistent romantic relationship for a couple can be rewarding, challenging, and confusing all at the same time. Here’s how this game helps with that:
  • The game is designed to enhance your relationship by reducing your resistance mechanism against your partner.
  • Truth or dare questions help you know more about your partner through the answers they give back.
  • As you have more fun, the game keeps your bond stronger and more intimate.
  • Couples truth or dare and other games like it helps you stay flirty and happy.
  • A great way to get rid of tension, boredom, the seriousness of life and focus on a game that drives your adrenaline rush.
  • The true or dare game provides an opportunity for you as a couple to remember good memories and laugh at jokes that many people lack.
  • If prepared the right way from the beginning, which of course, should involve both of you, games like this rekindles your childhood moments and enhances your well-being.
  • The benefit of the game is to revitalize quality time of a couple most lost engaging in unfulfilling things in life.

Good Dares Questions for a Couple

The intention of the game is to get creative as possible. For players that choose dares, ask crazy and serious questions that your partner will struggle to let out. Here are a couple of truth or dare questions you can bombard your partner with:
  1. Brush your teeth with apple cider vinegar.
  2. Dip a marshmallow in soya sauce and eat it.
  3. Open the backyard door and bark like a dog for 30 seconds.
  4. Tease them for a minute.
  5. Smell the feet of every participant and give a rating of their smell
  6. Reveal your text messages
  7. Have you ever had sex with older people than you?
  8. Give them a lap dance.
  9. Narrate a fake romantic and intimate story about a date with your celebrity crush.
  10. Twerk at a boring song, till the music stops.
  11. Dance on an imaginary pole.
  12. Give me a relaxing foot massage.
  13. Express your love in sign language.
  14. Write a poem about our love story and sing it.
  15. Do the best couple yoga pose.
  16. Mix peanut butter with chili sauce spread it on a slice of bread and eat it.
  17. In the living room, land your imaginary spacecraft and talk like an alien.
  18. Go shirtless and pound like a gorilla on your chest, for one whole minute.
  19. Recite any poem backward.
  20. Allow being tickled when you are blindfolded.
  21. Draw the alphabet in the air with your lips.
  22. Place ice cubes on your palm and close your fist. Hold it till they all melt.
  23. Cut a few onions and narrate a funny story while cutting them.
  24. Duck walk in the garden and apologize for our first fight.
  25. Plank for 30 seconds and while doing it say one thing you love about me.
  26. Stuff your mouth with marshmallows and describe why you love me. (Careful, don’t choke yourself)
  27. Blindfold and make me a sandwich.
  28. Eat a bowl of spaghetti using your fingers.
  29. Wear your dress inside out until next morning.
  30. Kiss them somewhere new each round.
  31. Give them a back massage without using your hands.
  32. Act out how you remember your first date together without speaking.
  33. Re-enact your favorite romantic scene.
  34. Without using any music, sing and dance to YMCA.
  35. Give a call to your nearest grocery store and ask if they have lactose-free ice cream for your pet rabbits.
  36. Eat like a monkey for 5 minutes.
  37. Do a cartwheel without falling.
  38. Use toothpaste to wash your hands.
  39. Take a screenshot of your browsing history, print it and paste it on the bathroom mirror.
  40. Change the status of your Facebook profile to “feeling sad”.
  41. Talk to Siri for 7 minutes without any interruption.
  42. Whisper one of your darkest secrets.
  43. Play a baby crying video on YouTube and dirty dance on the music of it, till the end of the video.
  44. Stand on the kitchen counter and hula hoop for a minute.
  45. Call your colleague and yell liar in the phone, three times.
  46. Pretend you have won a Grammy and give an acceptance speech (ask this to somebody who is shy of speaking).
  47. Eat 10 cookies in one minute.
  48. Send a dirty text using only emojis to your best friend.
  49. Eat a cup cake in the nastiest way possible.
  50. Cross-dress and click 18 pictures. Share the pictures with your best friends.
  51. Prank call an ex and say something dirty.
  52. Hug and kiss a cushion or a pillow.
  53. Vacuum the house wearing only pajamas.
  54. Spank yourself 5 times.
  55. Kiss every player.
  56. Act like a crying toddler for 4 minutes.
  57. Record a video of you eating Chinese with chopsticks and share it with your friends.
  58. Close your eyes and floss the teeth.
  59. Doodle the best possible image of your boss and post it on Twitter without giving any other details.
  60. Send them a picture of you in your birthday suit.
  61. Take a naughty picture with them.
  62. Act out how you remember your first date together in 30 seconds.
  63. Cook a delicious meal in less than 40 minutes.
  64. Use a voice changing filter and send a funny voice message to your ex.
  65. Talk to a chair as if it’s your celebrity crush.
  66. Unwrap a candy with just your teeth.
  67. Do a sexy dance for your partner, but you can only use one leg.
  68. Write a 10-line naughty story and share it with your friends on the Whatsapp group.
  69. Send a weird GIF to the 10th person on your contacts list.
  70. Imitate any five emojis.
  71. You have to wear handcuffs for the rest of the game.
  72. Trade clothes with your partner.
  73. Wearing just an apron, organize all of the Tupperware and their lids.
  74. You have to give your spouse a full-body massage for five minutes.a
  75. Take a body shot.
  76. Go into the kitchen and dress yourself up in things that you find.
  77. Dress up like a pop star and sing a romantic song dedicated to our relationship.
  78. Freestyle rap about our relationship.
  79. Perform a stand-up comedy.ings you have picked.
  80. Text a poor joke to your parents.
  81. Strike up a funny conversation with your parents and hang up abruptly.
  82. Dance with your dog for 3 minutes.
  83. Recreate the wedding photos.
  84. Your partner has to ride you like a cowboy and you have to buck like a broncho.
  85. Belly dance with something from the kitchen as a prop.
  86. Change your Facebook profile photo to an ugly selfie.
  87. Make an account on a dating app and write a crazy bio.
  88. You have to wash your partner's feet.
  89. For the next 15 minutes, talk only in a whispering tone.
  90. Slowly eat a spoonful of cinnamon powder.
  91. Peel an onion without using your hands.
  92. Impersonate your favorite in-law.
  93. Do a strip tease
  94. Kiss your partner from head to toe
  95. Take off their shirt with only your teeth.
  96. Beg them to make out with you. They have to refuse. Keep trying to convince them in different ways for two minutes.
  97. Put on sexy music and vacuum with no pants on.
  98. You have to do whatever they tell you for one minute.
  99. Open and shut the fridge 16 times, in 16 stylish ways.
  100. Sing a lullaby beatboxing.
  101. Read the newspaper in a romantic style.
  102. Call up pizza guys and ask if they have formula milk.
  103. Call your best friend and ask if he/she has stolen your watch.
  104. Jump like a frog for 2 minutes.
  105. You get to dress your partner up, using your clothes. Then take a picture.
  106. Make out with them.
  107. Lick whipped cream off their stomach.
  108. Go skinny dipping for three minutes.
  109. Kiss them passionately, like in the movies . . .
  110. Massage their neck with your mouth.
  111. Give them a massage.
  112. Remove your bra without taking off your shirt.
  113. You have to call one of your partner’s parents and tell them how much you love your partner.
  114. Do the laundry for entire next week.
  115. Sit like a chair against a wall for 2 minutes.
  116. Using cloves of garlic apply a lip balm or a lipstick.
  117. Pretend the mop is your guitar, give a stage show performance.
  118. Teach our dogs to bow down and say namaste.
  119. Give yourself a potato facial.
  120. Call an old friend and talk gibberish.
  121. For 5 minutes, pretend to walk on a ramp and pout for cameras.
  122. Eat a cookie without using your hands.
  123. Go streaking around the block. (This is illegal, so be careful!)
  124. You have to do a one-person re-enactment of Romeo and Juliet using only animal sounds for the dialogue.
  125. Be blindfolded and then tickled for a minute.
  126. Turn out the lights and try to turn the other person on only using sounds.
  127. Give me a piggyback ride for 15 whole minutes.
  128. Do 25 squats in the slowest manner possible.
  129. Open your Instagram or Facebook and like each post of your ex.
  130. Call an Italian restaurant and order sushi.
  131. Single the Star Spangled Banner in a British accent while hula hooping.
  132. Get down on one knee and propose to me with a joke.
  133. Say I love you while doing 50 jumping jacks.
  134. Blow on the back of the other person's neck, alternating hot and cool for one minute. Do not touch them.
  135. Stand on one leg and say any two things that you hate about our relationship.
  136. Go live on any social media account and declare your love for me.
  137. Row an imaginary boat for one minute.
  138. Reveal what is inside your bag. Every small detail.
  139. Tell 5 of your favorite quotes in one single breath.
  140. Juggle 3 eggs without breaking them.

List of Truths Questions to Ask

  1. What is the largest age gap you’ve had between you and someone you’ve had sex with?
  2. Do you know the last name of everyone you’ve had sex with?
  3. Did you ever dance intimately with someone?
  4. What is the worst gift you have ever received from me (your partner)?
  5. How many kids are you planning to have?
  6. If you had to choose between only oral sex or only penetrative sex for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?
  7. Have you ever thought about me in the shower?
  8. What’s something you’re afraid to tell me?
  9. How many partners have you had?
  10. When was a time you were so turned on you couldn’t stand it?
  11. How many times a week do you touch yourself?
  12. Have you ever done it at work?
  13. Describe your idea of a horrible date.
  14. Who was your crush in school?
  15. Have you ever gone to a strip club?
  16. What is the craziest thing on your bucket list?
  17. Which part of your body gets the most compliments? And by whom?
  18. What sexual adventures do you want to go on in 30 years?
  19. What’s something I did that you didn’t expect?
  20. Did you ever pick your nose in office?
  21. Which is your favorite song to hum in the shower?
  22. Your worst addiction?
  23. Have you ever peed while playing on the beach?
  24. Have you ever lied to your partner?
  25. Do you like telling me what to do in bed, or do you prefer to be told what to do?
  26. What is the most you’ve done for sex in the past?
  27. What’s the most number of times you’ve done it in one day?
  28. Most you’ve touched yourself in one day?
  29. Have you ever done it while other people were around without them knowing?
  30. Do you like a lot of foreplay? What kind?
  31. Would you take a shower with me?
  32. If you could buy anything with $50, what would you get?
  33. Would you let me look through your browsing history?
  34. Did you ever taste your pet’s food?
  35. What’s the least amount of time you’ve known someone before you’ve had sex with them?
  36. Who is the most inappropriate person you’ve had a sexual fantasy about?
  37. What is your favorite time of the year?
  38. Would you ever want to undergo plastic surgery? Why?
  39. When was the first time you knew you were attracted to me?
  40. What’s the filthiest thing you’ve imagined doing to me?
  41. Have you ever given or received a lap dance?
  42. What is your wildest fantasy?
  43. How many people have you kissed?
  44. Narrate your first break story giving all details.
  45. What’s your biggest turn off in a person of the opposite sex?
  46. What turns you on?
  47. Do you like a lot of foreplay? What sorts?
  48. Do you like discussing or preparing what to be done in bed, or you prefer spontaneity?
  49. Are you a screamer? If yes, how loud?
  50. What is your favorite piece of clothing and why?
  51. How often do you watch something naughty?
  52. Have you ever had an exciting dream about me?
  53. Do you love me? How much?
  54. Where do you see this going?
  55. How many sex partners do you believe is “too many”?
  56. What’s #1 on your sexual bucket list right now?
  57. Which do you enjoy more; your hair being stroked, or your feet being massaged?
  58. Do you love me? How well?
  59. When did you watch adults-only videos for the first time?
  60. When do you remember being attracted to another person for the first time?
  61. Would you play oily twister with me?
  62. What do you love about me the most?
  63. Which is the most embarrassing show you are guilty of watching?
  64. Did you ever get involved in doing something illegal?
  65. Name two of your guilty pleasures.
  66. What is something disgusting, but you still like doing?
  67. Fierce or feisty, what defines you in bed?
  68. Would you mind satisfying somebody for money?
  69. Which do you prefer; the foreplay, the sex, or maybe both? Why?
  70. Beaches or mountains?
  71. What is your favorite sexual memory of me?
  72. What’s a sex act most people like that you think is overrated?
  73. What is the biggest insecurity about our relationship?
  74. Did you ever fart inside an elevator?
  75. Is sex better when you’re in love, or better when the other person is hot and mysterious?
  76. Are you afraid of losing control of your body whenever you are with me?
  77. Do you find the idea of matching underwear sexy?
  78. Do you prefer the lights on or off during sex?
  79. What makes you cry and jump in joy at the same time?
  80. Did you ever have a crush on a high school teacher?
  81. Do you like my (your partner’s) cooking?
  82. Do you prefer I take off your underwear, or you do it yourself? Why?
  83. What is the one thing that gets you in the mood but equally bothers you?
  84. How do you like to be kissed?
  85. How do you prefer sex; slow and teasing, or hot and steamy?
  86. Have you ever had an exciting dream about me? If yes, what did we do?
  87. Have you ever tried to feel me up whenever we hug?
  88. If I looked in your nightstand, what would I find?
  89. Partying at a club or a movie night at home?
  90. What, in your opinion, is something I must change about myself?
  91. What is your biggest fear about relationships?
  92. What were your exact thoughts while saying, “I do” ?
  93. What is one of the most terrific things that we did together?
  94. Rate our love story on a scale of 1 to 10?
  95. Reveal the most confidential secret you have kept for years?
  96. Have you ever cheated your partner?
  97. Did you ever send a wrong text message accidentally to your friend?
  98. What is your favorite thing to do together?
  99. Have you ever thought about me in the shower?
  100. You know, I’ve always wondered . . . . [fill in the blank]
  101. Did you always know we were going to get married?
  102. Ever used a cheesy pickup line on your fitness trainer?
  103. Have you ever cursed your partner’s family?
  104. What is one thing that gets you hot and bothered every time?
  105. Do you try to feel me up when we hug?
  106. Do you ever just want to tear off my clothes?
  107. How often do you watch something naughty?
  108. Do you want to pull my hair?
  109. How have I changed since we got married?
  110. When did you last go solo?
  111. How would you spend an entire week without me?
  112. Which is your favorite color on me?
  113. Would you take a shower with me?
  114. What is the regrettable thing you have done in the past?
  115. Who between you and me is hotter?
  116. What is one thing about our physical intimacy that you miss when I’m not around?
  117. Did you ever share a chewing gum with someone?
  118. Do you enjoy PDA?
  119. What do you think about masturbation? If okay, how often in a week do you do it?
  120. What do you think about adventurous sex positions? If good, what is your favorite position? Why?
  121. Do you like giving or receiving a lap dance?
  122. Have you ever sent an inappropriate selfie to your ex?
  123. Describe your favorite clothing style.
  124. What kind of food turns you on?
  125. Describe your first intimate experience.
  126. What is that one change you have noticed after marriage?
  127. Were you ever a part of the mile high club?
  128. How perfect am I as your partner?
  129. When was the longest time you have stayed in a bathroom and why?
  130. If you could give me a nightclub dancer's name, what would it be?
  131. Did you ever fantasize about a teacher or an authority figure? Who and what was it?
  132. Ever put something weird in your body?
  133. What sex act would you never do again?
  134. Do you enjoy it when I kiss on your neck?
  135. Which actor would you swap your life with for 10 days?
  136. Are you possessive about me or our relationship?
  137. Have you ever wanted me to tie you up?
  138. Are you where you thought you’d be 10 years ago?
  139. How far did you go on your first date?
  140. What would you enjoy about being stranded with me on a deserted island?
If you want more questions and challenges for couples, please check out our truth or dare app which includes a couples category. We also have a list of flirty truth or dare questions you can enjoy over text with your special person.  

Make Sure You Feel Comfortable

Some questions and dares may get you into a rage, and if you are not ready to share, feel comfortable telling your partner to pass and ask another one. The game should never pressure you to reveal answers you are not comfortable with. Neither should it pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do. To prevent the unexpected, agree as a couple the types of questions that are forbidden.  


So that’s couples truth or dare! Games like truth or dare game is recommended for any couple planning to stay happy and out of boredom life. The game should make all partners fell safe, comfortable, and free to share without shying off during the exercise or getting offended. Make the game as fun as possible, but always consider how your partner feels.