Start Playing Mobile Truth or Dare - Download The Truth Or Dare Spin The Bottle App!


This is the #1 Truth or Dare app for parties, sleepovers and breaking the ice. Our app contains hundreds of fun and challenging questions and dares ranging from innocent and clean to hot and dirty.
Check out its awesome features:

Over 2500 Truths/Dares

The app hass hundreds of truths and dares to keep you entertained.


The app includes clean categories for friends and kids as well as dirty categories for couples and parties.

Offline Play

Enjoy truth or dare offline without a data or wireless connection.


Add Your Truths/Dares

Create your own truths or dare to make the app even more fun!


Keep track of who is winning with a cool scoreboard

Naughty Category

Dirty minded? The app includes naughty category for adults to create an unforgettable night!

Our Truth Or Dare Spin The Bottle App

To access our truth or dare game whenever or wherever you want, including offline play, feel free to download our truth or dare app. Our app contains over 2500 truths and dares and allows you the ability to add truths and dares whenever you wish!

Our truth or dare app is the ultimate way to play truth or dare. You’ll be able to enjoy the game anywhere and play offline as well! Remember, you won’t always have a strong and stable internet connection to enjoy the game. The app will allow you to avoid the problem of a weak internet connections or no connection at all.

Moreover, the app is completely free and offers many more truths and dares than you’ll find here. You can even add your own truths and dares and more!

Great For Kids, Teens and Adults

The app provides a fun and unique experience for kids, teens and adults alike – especially couples. Kids can use it to play at sleepovers, teens can use it at parties, families can use it at get-togethers and couples can use it to spice up their love life. It’s a great way to avoid boredom and the routine of life.

How Does Truth Or Dare Spin The Bottle Work?

Spin The Bottle is one of the best party games. Usually, we play this game when we are with friends and family but sometimes we don’t have a bottle to rotate.

Truth or dare spin the bottle is a little different from classic truth or dare like our truth or dare spin or you don’t have a list of questions and dares. That’s where this app comes in handy. Moreover, it’s more fun doing on your phone anyway. Here’s how truth or dare spin the bottle works:

  1. Any player can start and tap to spin the bottle
  2. When the bottle stops spinning, the player it's pointing at must choose to complete either a Truth Or Dare.
  3. Spin again and again
  4. That’s it, have loads of fun!